Steam Independence Day with severe storms

Updated at 12:00 PM

Remaining thunderstorms and shower activity will continue to decrease in the morning. A steamy afternoon on Tuesday will clear some clouds. More storms will develop in southern Minnesota and become severe.

A cold front focuses on Tuesday’s thunderstorms

Remnants of rain and thunderstorms from Monday night’s activity in South Dakota will move eastward and taper off rapidly Tuesday afternoon. We’ll see some clearing in southern Minnesota in the afternoon as things turn steamy. Morning showers and clouds may keep it from hitting 90, but it will still be warm and muggy.

Partly clear skies are forecast for Tuesday afternoon

NOAA by Major Weather

Storms will develop again in the afternoon and evening, especially in areas that did not experience morning thunderstorms.

Especially 11a

Rain is forecast from 11am Tuesday to 4am Wednesday

DuPage College of Meteorology

There is a slight risk (Level 2 of 5) for severe storms in western Wisconsin, central and southern Minnesota. The primary threats are large hail and some damaging winds in some storms, especially afternoon storms.

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spc 1130

Severe weather forecast for Tuesday

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center

The question remains as to how far north severe storms can develop due to morning thunderstorms and cloud cover. The highest energy forecast for strong storms appears to be mainly in central Minnesota with morning showers across southern Minnesota.

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Cape Tuesday

Convective potential energy (CAPE) or instability and energy availability for the thunderstorm forecast for Tuesday at 5 p.m.

NOAA by Major Weather

Because the air aloft is relatively light, storms move more slowly and produce more precipitation inland. There is a risk of heavy rain.

more rain

More rain on Tuesday

National Weather Service

Temperatures drop into the 70s and 60s on Wednesday behind storms and storms.

Hello 11a

Wednesday is predicted to be the maximum

National Weather Service

We are back to seasonality; 80s and 70s by Friday, another chance for thunderstorms by Saturday.

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