Baltimore educator accused of using AI to create principal

Baltimore Educator He was arrested Thursday at the city's BWI Airport He was trying to board a flight to Houston, authorities said.

Pikesville High School athletic director Dazhon Darien was charged Creating an audio recording using artificial intelligence The principal of the school expresses views against racism and bigotry.

The post, which was widely shared on social media after it was published earlier this year, led to the temporary dismissal of the school's principal, Eric Eiswert.

It also prompted “A A wave of hateful messages on social media And many calls to school [and] caused substantial disruption to PHS staff and students,” the charging documents state.

On January 17, Baltimore County police detectives were told a recording appeared depicting Eiswert making derogatory comments about minorities.

As part of the investigation, a forensic investigator contracted by the FBI was asked to examine the record. Analysis recommended the clip “Contains traces of AI-generated content” Police said.

A second opinion by a forensic examiner at the University of California, Berkeley determined that the recording was not authentic.

Based on that information and further investigation, authorities officially determined that the recording was created with AI technology.

According to investigators, Darian made the recording to retaliate against the principal who was “prosecuting an investigation into the mishandling of school funds” at the time.

Police believe Darien used school funds Pay his roommate $1,900 Authorities said he was coaching a women's soccer team under false pretenses.

Darien was stopped at the airport Thursday because of the way he packed his gun, Baltimore County Police Chief Robert McCullough told reporters.

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After BWI officers ran a background check on him, they found he had an open arrest warrant. He was arrested on charges of stalking, theft, disrupting school activities and tampering with a witness.

Darien was released on a $5,000 unsecured bond after his arraignment Thursday afternoon, police said.

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