Pokémon Go players exchange public map data to catch rare Pokémon

Pokémon Go Players try to bring the beaches to themselves.”/>

Zoom in / Rather than going to beaches to catch Wiggles, some people Pokemon Co Players try to bring the beaches to themselves.


Cow, Pokemon Co. The hottest mobile game of 2016 To this day remains a powerful force, drawing in Hundreds of millions of dollars a year from Ten million Monthly active players.

Part of keeping the game fresh is the constant trickle of new Pokemon. The game launched in 2016 with the original 151 monsters and has gradually caught up to the current generation of Switch games in bits and pieces over the past eight years. The game is currently in the process of adding demons Crimson And VioletAnd this story begins here.

Two of the recent additions Pokemon Co The list includes people in the designs of Wiglet and Vugtrio, Diglet and Ductrio, who live on beaches and have a similar appearance. Garden eels. Pokemon Co Uses a biome system It restricts certain Pokemon to certain types of real-world terrain, such as forests, mountains, and beaches. As aquatic Pokemon, Wiglet and Wuktrio appear in coastal biomes.

This poses a problem for terrestrial players who want to catch this new Pokemon. According to 404 Statement of MediaSome of those players added fake beaches to OpenStreetMap so they could easily access the beach biome. Pokemon Co (Albeit a game go Initially using Google Maps data, it apparently switched to OpenStreetMap At some point in 2017) OpenStreetMap contributors have actually discovered “beaches” located in residential backyards, golf courses, and playgrounds.

It’s the first time I’ve been so excited Pokemon Co Players have encouraged OpenStreetMap contributors. the whole Blog posts, Wiki entriesAnd Presentations OSM mappers exist to bridge the knowledge gap by explaining the scope of OpenStreetMap data. Pokemon Co Users and Breakdowns Pokemon Co Game mechanics for frustrated OSM contributors. Among the things OSM contributors try to clarify Pokemon Co Players: It’s unclear how often Niantic pulls new map data from OSM, so your fake biomes may mess up the map data without getting the rare Pokemon you want.

As that OSM blog post points out, not every user discovers the OpenStreetMap project Pokemon Co End up messing with the data. While many users are “reality-expanding” vandals, creating non-existent parks, beaches, and walkways to encourage the breeding of specific Pokémon, others become “more careful, loyal” OSM users who “make many worthwhile additions to the map”. Locations where OSM’s data is corrupted or out of date.

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