50 Greatest Tunes by Made-Up Musicians – Rolling Stone

From The Archies to The Wonders to Daisy Jones & The Six

Today’s launch of Daisy Jones & The Six, Amazon’s 10-episode adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reed’s best-selling novel about the rise and fall of a fictional Seventies rock band, makes us wonder where The Six lands in the long and sometimes illustrious history of fake bands and singers in film and television. It’s a strange but often very fascinating subgenre of music, and it’s our attempt to find out which of the fake greats are the real greats.

We’ve set the following eligibility rules: 1) original songs only, with apologies to the Blues Brothers, The Promise and other great fantasy cover artists; 2) No biographies or other films in which musicians play themselves (eg, Prince in purple rain Or in Eminem 8 miles); and 3) it must be some kind of actual fictional musical act, rather than someone singing an original song in the background of a movie, show, or stage musical. We had a long discussion about what to do with the Monkeys, before it was decided that at a certain point, they had become the real band Pinocchio and therefore didn’t qualify. (Otherwise it would have been “daydreaming believer”. Very much high ranking.)

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