House kills motion to vacate Johnson as speaker

8:21 pm ET, May 8, 2024

House Republicans are split on whether there should be consequences for Green

From CNN’s Morgan Rimmer, Lauren Fox, Melanie Sanona, Annie Grayer and Manu Raju

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green and Rep. Thomas Massey speak to reporters on the steps of the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, May 8.

Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

when Nearly a dozen Republicans Most were outraged that Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene lost on Wednesday night and made a move that would show party disunity ahead of the election, voting against filing a motion to vacate.

“He’s trying to oust our Speaker of the US Congress against his will over a policy decision.” Representative John Duarte said. “We’re protecting the world from her indecent behavior. I’m surprised she even has a partner. Thomas Massey should be ashamed of himself.

Representative Dusty Johnson The South Dakota native called Green’s behavior “disastrous” and warned it would sow discord.

“In life we ​​all have to decide how to deal with disappointment. You can be productive or you can be destructive. Mrs. Taylor Green chooses destruction,” he said. “We know this movement is not going to do anything to strengthen America. It will do nothing to deliver a conservative victory. It is going to sow contradictions and differences of opinion.”

But Republicans who have backed the House speaker say they are divided on whether or not to punish those who voted against tabling the resolution.

Duarte said that with a narrow majority, it will be difficult to manage the consequences. “Her constituents must give her consequences,” he added.

Johnson also argued that aftereffects may not work, and said that “people need to sit down, analyze what’s possible and strengthen the organization.”

“There may be people interested in punishment. I’m not interested in punishment. It doesn’t work,” Johnson said. “For me, my question is what rules do we need for the council to function.”

Meanwhile, Representative Mark MolinaroA vulnerable New York Republican said there should be consequences but he’s not ready to punish Green now.

“Sometimes, accountability has to be real, but what we’ve learned today is that no amount of noise hides the truth, the truth is that a good number of us want to go back to work,” Molinaro said.

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