Consumer Alert: How to Tell Genuine Eclipse Glasses from Fakes

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ROCHESTER, NY – This consumer alert is a tutorial on how to tell genuine eclipse glasses from fakes.

True eclipse glasses like these are made of a black polymer that blocks almost all infrared and ultraviolet light. And if you put your hand in front of your face with glasses you can't see.

First thing to note: the lenses must be reflective on the outside and black on the inside. If the lenses don't reflect, you have fakes.]

Second, search the ISO ocean. International Organization for Standardization. You should see that stamp and the number 12312-2.

American Paper Optics is a major manufacturer of genuine eclipse glasses. Sometimes counterfeiters claim APO but fail to list the apo's address that each pair of APOs actually has with the manufacturer.

In fact, many fakes use the names of several legitimate manufacturers. So, if you're buying your eclipse glasses online, the American Astronomical Association recommends buying your glasses only through links to a verified list of sellers on their site.

This is important. Using fake glasses can permanently damage your vision.

Here Affiliate of the American Astronomical Society. There is also a lot of information on the site.

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