911 outages were reported in 4 states as emergency call services were temporarily suspended

Several states lost access to emergency dispatchers last night, meaning residents could not call 911.

The issue affected parts of Nebraska, Texas, and Nevada, as well as all of South Dakota. The outage was first reported around 10pm local time. Officials said service was restored by midnight.

In Texas, the Del Rio City Police Department said The outage was caused by “an outage on a major cellular carrier.” The department did not specify which cellular carrier was responsible.

Residents in affected areas were advised to call non-emergency numbers amid power outages.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, 911 calls from landlines were not working, but dispatchers could see incoming calls, officials said. Dispatchers worked to recall dialed numbers, Officials said on social media. According to Henderson County, Nevada officialsMessages to 911 were still coming in even when the phone line was down.

Officials told CBS News that they responded to all attempted calls made during the outage.

An investigation into the outage is underway.

How to reach 911 if cell service is down?

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