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AMPTP says the Writers Guild and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers did not come out with an agreement as talks ended Monday.

“Negotiations between AMPTP and the WGA ended without an agreement today. AMPTP presented a comprehensive package proposal to the guild last night, including generous increases in writers’ compensation and improvements to streaming residuals,” the group representing the studios said.

The group, which represents studios and streamers in negotiations with unions, added: “AMPTP has indicated to the WGA that it is willing to improve that offer, but is unwilling to do so due to the volume of other proposals still on the table. The Guild continues to insist.”

The Hollywood Reporter The WGA has been reached out for a response.

According to AMPTP, the main sticking points in the schedule were the guild’s proposals for minimum writing staff sizes and minimum hours of work, which the group alleged “requires an agency to run a show with a certain number of writers.” A certain period of time, need or not.”

However, the AMPTP said it was “ready to engage in discussions with the WGA in an attempt to break this logjam”. Its companies are “united in their desire to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial to the health and longevity of writers and the industry, and to avoid hardship for the thousands of employees who depend on the industry for their livelihood.”

AMPTP’s surprise announcement came as the guild told its members that talks were still ongoing and that a strike would begin on Tuesday afternoon if the contract deadline was not met with an agreement. The deal officially ends at midnight on Monday.

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