Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting 2023

4 minutes ago

Partners begin lining up in downtown Omaha

Some lined up at the CHI Health Center in downtown Omaha for the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, starting at 2 a.m. for the event.

– Sarah Min

7 minutes ago

Berkshire Hathaway has outperformed during recessions and bear markets, Bespoke data says

According to data from Bespoke Investment Group, Berkshire Hathaway has a history of outperforming the S&P 500 during recessions, and has performed particularly well during bear markets. Since 1980, Berkshire stocks have beaten the broader market by an average of 4.41 percentage points during six recessions.

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Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares are up about 5% year to date as investors view it as a safe haven.

Stocks perform even better during bear markets. Over the same period, the group has underperformed the S&P 500 by 20% each time, beating the broader index by an average of 14.89 percentage points.

“[One] Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/A), a stock with a reputation for safety, has earned this distinction over the past several decades,” read a Bespoke note from earlier this week.

– Sarah Min

18 minutes ago

What to expect from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger

On an overcast Saturday morning, a crowd of Berkshire Hathaway shareholders wait in a light rain to enter the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

The economy and markets are always top of mind at these events, but this year’s gathering comes at a particularly challenging time. On Monday, First Republic became the third U.S. bank to fail since March, further stoking fears that a recession is imminent. As always, investors look to 92-year-old Warren Buffett for folk wisdom in uncertain times.

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Buffett promised to ask more questions this year in Berkshire’s shareholder guide. With that in mind, CNBC Pro took a look at what could be some of the most important topics. Questions could range from a discussion of what kind of acquisitions the company might make to what Buffett’s vision is for the banking industry. Car insurance company Geico might be fair game next.

– Yun Li

31 minutes ago

Here’s a schedule for CNBC’s coverage of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting

CNBC will cover Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting live beginning at 9:45 a.m. Saturday. Often called the “Woodstock for investors,” investors flock to Omaha, Nebraska, to hear Warren Buffett’s thoughts on the market. He often cites the many lessons he’s learned over decades of investing.

Here is a rundown of the day’s events:

9:45 am – 10:15 am: Pre-show hosted by Becky Quick and Mike Santoli

10:15 am – 1 pm: Berkshire Hathaway Morning Q&A session with Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Greg Abel and Ajit Jain

1pm – 2pm: Halftime Show, hosted by Becky Quick and Mike Santoli

2 pm – 4:30 pm: Afternoon Session of the Annual Meeting

4:30pm – 5pm: After-show hosted by Becky Quick and Mike Santoli

Note: Schedule reflects Eastern Time

– Christina Seder Berg

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