Abby Schwerner speaks for the first time since the shooting in an interview with NBC News

Newport News, Va. (WAVY) – Teacher Abby Schwerner, who was shot by a six-year-old student at Richneck Elementary School in January, spoke for the first time Monday in an NBC News interview with Savannah Guthrie.

Schwerner discussed his recovery and how he’s been doing since the Jan. 6 shooting in an exclusive interview that will air in its entirety on NBC News’ Today show Tuesday morning. He spoke to Guthrie on Monday morning. He said he underwent four surgeries for the injuries.

“I’m fine,” Schwerner said. “You know, I—it’s been challenging. I’ve been through a lot of obstacles and challenges. Some days are not so good, where I can’t get out of bed. Some days are better than others, where I can get out of bed and go to my appointments.

“But, you know, to get through what I’ve been through, I try to stay positive. You know, try to have a positive outlook on what’s happened and where my future is going.

A preview of the exclusive Today Show interview aired Monday on NBC Nightly News.

The Newport News Commonwealth’s Attorney said earlier this month The six-year-old boy will not face charges.

Asked by Guthrie how she understands what happened to her, Schwerner said she can’t.

“You can’t. You can’t,” said Schwerner. “You know, I don’t know when the shock will go away because it’s so surreal and, you know, the vivid memories of that day. You know. I think about it every day. Sometimes I have nightmares.”

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